Protect citizens against ID theft and document forgery

Strengthen security and improve service delivery to citizens

Protecting Your Borders

Securely and efficiently manage the flow of people across your nation’s borders.

Verify the citizenship of travelers

Authenticate traveler identity to establish unrivaled security and protect against fraud

Ensure Maximum Citizen Security

Reduce the number of unsolved crime through developing interagency communication.

M2SYS Technology | Biometric Software and Hardware Solution Provider

M2SYS Technology is a Bangladeshi identity management technology company specializing in biometric identification and enterprise software solutions. Founded in 2014, M2SYS Technology has a couple of years of experience and is considered a pioneer in biometric identity management technology.

M2SYS offers a unique multimodal biometric software platform that can support any form of biometrics and any device. Hybrid Biometric Platform™ already supports fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein iris, facial and DNA recognition. Combined with this biometric platform, M2SYS provides biometric matching technology for large-scale identification and de-duplication, serving markets such as AFIS/ABIS, National ID, ePassport, Border Control, Workforce Solutions and Biometric Technology.

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Biometric Technology


Workforce Solutions